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Skygofree: Super advanced and never before seen malware targeting Android users

Named Skygofree by the researchers because the word was used in one of its domains, the multistage malware is designed for surveillance and puts the device in full remote control of attackers, enabling them to perform advanced attacks including, location-based sound recording, stealing … Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Powerful 'Skygofree' Android malware able to steal WhatsApp messages

Security researchers have discovered powerful new malicious software which is capable of stealing WhatsApp messages from Android devices. The malware is designed for targeted cyber-surveillance and includes hacking abilities which have never been seen before outside of controlled research … Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Google Pulls 60 Apps From Play Store Over Malware Report

The games included "Paw Puppy Run Subway Surf", "Shin Hero Boy Adventure Game", "Drawing Lessons Lego Ninjago", and "Addon Sponge Bob for MCPE". An individual or group of hackers created these malicious games under fake publisher names to distribute their malware and make money off … Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Coinminer malware

If this malware happens to infiltrate your operating Nov 16, 2017 This article provides information on removing the Kotver, CoinMiner malware variants from your computer. is a decent contender in the list of top antimalware tools. G we highly recommend you run the malware scanner listed below. Anti-malware Google Alert – Anti-malware

Google Play Store shuns 60 games infected with AdultSwine porn malware

To combat the spread of malware through the Google Play store, Google introduced Bouncer in 2012, which scans apps for threats before making them available for download. Once installed, the app would phone home, sending information about the user's phone and receiving instructions on how to … Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Google culls 60 Android apps after malware pushes porn on children

Google has removed more than 60 apps from the Google Play store after security researchers found they were exposing children to hardcore pornography. The cull came soon after Check Point found the malicious code lurking within apps and games that were specifically geared toward younger users. Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Malware based on open source Kotlin language discovered lurking in Google Play

Google has been doing a lot of work to shore-up Android and the Play Store, but inevitably with such an open platform there's bound to be malware that keeps attempting to get through. Naturally, mobile anti-virus software can shield Android devices, but if Kotlin is used to create fresh malware, there … Anti-malware Google Alert – […]