Archive | January 4, 2018

Warning over Facebook Messenger video 'which hijacks PCs to mine cryptocurrency'

The malware mines Monero – a privacy-focused cryptocurrency where transactions are much harder to track than they are on Bitcoin. Users who have set their browser to log in automatically will also see the virus sent to all their friends via Facebook Messenger. Trend Micro said, 'We disclosed our … Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware

Crybercrime in 2018: Get ready for bot battles, hack-and-leak extortion & supply chain woes

CBR grilled Dr Adrian Nish, Head of Threat Intelligence at BAE Systems, about what he thinks the cyber security landscape will look like in 2018. Giving us his top eight insights for 2018, Dr Nish painted a picture dominated by bots, malware…….and, of course, GDPR. Anti-malware Google Alert – Malware